NEW: The Slope Calculator — It’s Handy, Easy to Use, and FREE!

by David V. Dow on December 15, 2011

‘‘Should I slope this trench, or should I use trench shoring and shielding equipment ? ’’

Contractors and utilities often ask the TrenchSafety staff this very question.

So TrenchSafety developed a handy, easy-to-use, and FREE online tool that enables you to explore the “pros and cons” of both sloping and shoring/shielding.

It Couldn’t Be
Simpler to Use

Just select the soil type you’ll be working in, then plug in the dimensions of your proposed excavation, and “Bingo!,” your excavation options are instantly calculated and compared for you. You make the decision on the best safety method to use.

There’s even a drawing to give you a quick visual idea of what will be involved with both methods.

And, you can even save your results to your computer as a PDF that can printed and e-mailed!

Of course, you can plug in various “What if” dimensions, to compare their impact, then save each scenario for later review.

Give it a try!

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