Can You Pass “The Interview?”
(HINT: OSHA is involved.)

by David V. Dow on September 22, 2015

OSHA Asks the Questions

If there has been any type of incident on one of your excavation job sites — or any type of OSHA inspection — the OSHA Compliance Officers are going to interview the job site “Competent Person” to make certain the he or she understands what’s required by the regulations. It could be questions about soils classification, sloping and benching, trench shield usage, or any number of other pertinent topics.

AND REMEMBER: Simply having completed a “Competent Person” training class is NOT enough. Knowing, understanding, and adhering to the OSHA requirements for excavation safety are a few keys to avoiding an OSHA citation.

Take a look at this 2-minute video . . .

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NEW Safety Class Schedule Announced . . .

by David V. Dow on August 25, 2015


NEW Class Schedule for FALL 2015

Below is new our class schedule for the FALL 2015. There are lots of dates and locations to make it convenient for you and your crews.

Sign Up. Classes Fill Up Quickly!

SIGN UP for our popular courses. All classes in 2015 are only $125 per person for a full day of learning, and that includes LUNCH. Each participant receives a valuable take-home Manual, and a Certificate of Completion and Wallet Card.

To sign up your crews, call (800) 865-5801, or CLICK HERE.

FALL 2015 Competent Person Classes . . .
Only $125 per person

CLICK HERE to see the “Competent Person” course description.

• Tues., Sept. 22 — Memphis
• Tues., Oct. 6 — Nashville
• Tues., Oct. 6 — North Little Rock
• Tues., Oct. 20 — Memphis
• Tues., Oct. 29 — Nashville
• Tues., Nov. 17 — North Little Rock

FALL 2015 Confined Space Classes . . .
Only $125 per person

CLICK HERE to see the Confined Space course description.

• Tues., Oct. 20 — North Little Rock
• Tues., Nov. 10 — Memphis
• Tues., Nov. 17 — Nashville

Sign Up Now . . .

To sign up your crews, call (800) 865-5801, or CLICK HERE.

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“Easier-to-Read” Version of the NEW OSHA Confined Space Standard for Construction Is Now Available

August 2, 2015

One of the goals of TrenchSafety is make safety rules and regs clear and easy to understand. To that end, we have created a verbatim document of the new “Confined Spaces in Construction” standard that contains every pertinent section.  It’s been formatted to make it easier-to-read . . . and understand. If you would like to download [...]

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