TrainingClassNew Class Schedule for 2014-2014

Below is new our class schedule for 2014-2015. There are lots of dates and locations to make it convenient for you and your crews. And, we are now offering classes in Nashville!

Fees REDUCED for All 2014 Classes!

You can SIGN UP for our popular courses, now at REDUCED FEES! All classes in 2014 are only $79 per person for a full day of learning, and that includes LUNCH. Each participant receives a valuable take-home Manual, and a Certificate of Completion and Wallet Card.

Sign Up Now . . .

To sign up your crews, call (800) 865-5801, or CLICK HERE.

“Competent Person” Classes

CLICK HERE to see the “Competent Person” course description.

2014 “Competent Person” Classes . . .
Only $79 per person

• Tues., Oct. 14 — Nashville
• Tues., Oct. 21 — Memphis
• Tues., Oct. 28 — North Little Rock
• Wed., Nov. 5 — Philadelphia, Miss. — This class is during the 2014 Mississippi Damage Prevention Summit. NOTE: Registration is being handled directly by the Mississippi Summit. CLICK HERE to sign up.
• Tues., Dec. 2 — Nashville

2015 “Competent Person” Classes . . .

• Tues., Jan. 20 — Memphis
• Tues., Jan. 27 — North Little Rock
• Tues., Feb. 10 — Nashville
• Tues., Feb. 17 — Memphis
• Tues., Feb. 24 — North Little Rock
• Tues., Mar. 17 — Nashville
• Tues., Mar. 24 — North Little Rock
• Tues., Mar. 31 — Memphis
• Tues., May 5 — Nashville

Confined Space Classes

CLICK HERE to see the Confined Space course description.

2014 Confined Space Classes . . .
Only $79 per person

• Tues., Nov. 11 — Memphis
• Tues., Nov. 25 — Nashville
• Tues., Dec. 9 — North Little Rock

2015 Confined Space Classes . . .

• Tues., April 14 — Nashville
• Tues., April 21 — North Little Rock
• Tues., April 28 — Memphis

Sign Up Now . . .

To sign up your crews, call (800) 865-5801, or CLICK HERE.

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WhiteCollarCrime-1FINALCave-ins occur with regularity. And when a collapse results in injury or death to workers, the consequences can be costly — financially and psychologically. There can be fines, penalties, lost work and downtime, and untold distress to everyone touched by the incident — families, co-workers, and friends. And sometimes criminal charges are filed against company owners and officers. Such is the case in a story from California in recent days.

Death of Worker Leads to Indictment

A Fremont, Calif.,-based contractor, its owner, and a project manager were indicted in mid-August 2014 on involuntary manslaughter charges in the cave-in death of a construction worker.

The worker was killed in January 2012, after a 12-ft. wall of dirt collapsed on him, burying him alive. The instability of the soil and risk of further cave-in prevented rescuers from recovering the worker’s body for several days.

Work was Supposed to be Stopped

Three days before the collapse, a building inspector issued a “stop work” notice to the project manager at the site because several days of torrential rain raised the risk of cave-ins. Further, the project had no permit for excavations deeper than 5 ft. Work continued at the site despite the stop-work notice, and a second stop-work order was subsequently issued. Still, no one stopped working at the site.

“This case is about what happens when construction companies cut corners on safety,” the Santa Clara County District Attorney said in a news release. “Workplace safety is not an option. What happened to [this worker] was not an accident. It was a crime.” The maximum sentence for felony involuntary manslaughter is three years in prison. The construction company also faces a fine of up to $1.5 million for labor code violations.

In June 2012, Cal-OSHA fined the same company $168,175 for what it called “numerous serious and willful violations of Cal-OSHA’s safety standards.”

It’s Not the First Time

While not common, these kinds of criminal charges in construction accidents are not unprecedented.


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Trench Shields – Part 3: Understanding the Manufacturer’s Tabulated Data

August 16, 2014

  Use the Manufacturer’s “Tab Data” for Shoring and Shielding Systems To properly use any shoring or shielding system, it is important to understand and follow the tabulated data for the system. This data is provided by the system’s manufacturer, and is called “manufacturer’s tabulated data,” or “tab data.” In many cases, this information is [...]

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